Modern Dental Technology at Exquisite Dentistry

At Exquisite Dentistry, we know technology in the dental field is ever-changing and we enjoy learning how to integrate state-of-the-art equipment into our modern dental practice. Utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry allows us to treat our patients with less pain and in fewer visits. This means patients who visit our dental office in Melrose, MA enjoy less time in the dentist's chair and a more comfortable experience from start to finish.

Dr. Talluri showing a dental patient their x-raysWe’re committed to ensuring our patients have a convenient, positive, and stress-free experience. From our warm, welcoming lobby to our private, state-of-the-art treatment rooms, you can rest assured that our team will take great care of you!

Our Melrose dental team uses top technologies such as:

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral imaging provides a hassle-free, detailed view of the mouth in pictures and videos without the need for “goopy” impressions.

Putting specific problem areas onto a computer screen lets our dentist see with a level of clarity and detail that isn't possible with a traditional mouth mirror. Using hand-held wands, Dr. Talluri and his team can quickly capture the details of your teeth and gums. Even small cracks that often lead to broken teeth appear vividly with the click of a button! We can explain the need for any additional treatment more clearly, while showing you what we see in great detail.

As an added benefit, dental insurance benefits often pay more quickly with the visual proof of a digital image.

Digital X-Rays

Exquisite Dentistry hygienist getting her dental cleaning tools ready for the next patientAt Exquisite Dentistry, we use technology with digital sensors that capture detailed x-ray images with a fraction of the exposure found in traditional film x-rays. Technological advancements in x-ray technology provide multiple benefits in dentistry, including:

  • Safety. Our digital x-ray system provides up to 90% reduction in radiation compared to older film-based systems.
  • Saving time. Images captured instantly with a digital sensor lessen the time you spend in the dental chair.
  • Better treatment outcomes. Improved image clarity increases our ability to diagnose and treat conditions.

The comfortable, non-invasive digital images are available to our dentist right away!

Soft Tissue Laser

Occasionally, lumps or bumps on the soft tissue of your mouth may need removal. Traditionally, a surgical procedure involving incisions and sutures would be required to produce a biopsy sample. Today, this pen-shaped wand allows Dr. Talluri to remove suspicious or bothersome bumps in just minutes. The healing stimulated by laser energy leads to rapid healing and little to no discomfort, without the need for stitches.

Using the soft tissue laser, gums can be quickly reshaped without bleeding, and some gum infections can be treated with rapid results. Even cold sores or mouth ulcers can undergo faster healing when laser energy passes over the surface. Soft tissue lasers are safe for use with patients of all ages, and can even help with growth and development issues or help wisdom teeth move into place.

3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner

At Exquisite Dentistry, we use the 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner to make dental impressions faster and more comfortable for our patients! This technology eliminates the need for sticky, putty-like impressions that many patients find uncomfortable, and allows us to electronically send your impressions to dental labs. That means you'll enjoy a shorter waiting time for your restored smile — thanks to digital impressions, your new, custom-crafted dental prosthesis will arrive to our Melrose dental practice even faster! 

Experience Modern Dentistry in Melrose

With modern dental technology, your visit can be as comfortable and stress-free as possible! Contact us today to schedule your next visit and experience the latest in modern dentistry.

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