Nutrition Counseling in Melrose, MA

Wondering about the best foods to eat for a healthy smile? Exquisite Dentistry's dedication to each patient's complete oral health includes nutrition counseling! You can visit your local trusted dentist for nutrition counseling tailored to your needs, concerns, and lifestyle.

Dr. Talluri escorting a patient to his office to discuss nutrition counselingPatients often ask us why they're still getting cavities when they regularly brush and floss. To help ensure your eating habits support your healthiest smile, our dentist offers nutrition counseling, including tips on what, how, and when to eat for your best oral health. Through his years of experience, Dr. Talluri has learned a lot about the best ways to care for the teeth and gums, and is proud to share this knowledge with our patients.

Nutrition counseling with Dr. Talluri is a complimentary service offered to our patients. As an added benefit, taking better care of your teeth also means you can look forward to faster, easier, and less costly visits to Exquisite Dentistry!

Learn More About Nutrition Counseling at Exquisite Dentistry

Would your smile benefit from personalized nutrition counseling? Proper nutrition can make all the difference in preventing cavities and protecting your healthy teeth! Contact us today to learn more about adding nutrition counseling to your next appointment. 

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