Botox and Fillers in Melrose, MA

At Exquisite Dentistry, our skilled dentist is committed to offering the latest in comprehensive, innovative dental services, offering expertise that extends beyond traditional oral health care to include advanced cosmetic solutions. Dr. Talluri offers cosmetic injections with BOTOX® along with dermal fillers to help our patients achieve healthy, beautiful, more youthful smiles! Esthetic treatments at our dental office in Melrose, MA allow our team to support each patient's optimal confidence and overall facial harmony. 

Exquisite Dentistry has partnered with Advanced Aesthetics to allow our office to administer esthetic injections and fillers for our patients in Melrose and beyond. Skilled providers will administer your esthetic treatment right here in the comfort of our dental office, and your treatment will always be safe, effective and tailored to your esthetic goals. 

What are the Benefits of Esthetic Injections?

Injections with BOTOX have been trusted in dentistry for several years, offering both cosmetic benefits and therapeutic benefits for the symptoms of TMJ. Because it blocks muscle-contracting nerve signals, it can promote a more youthful appearance, the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus relief from jaw pain and tension! 

Our dentist in Melrose, MA offers therapeutic and cosmetic injections to address the following:

Gummy Smiles

Facial injections at Exquisite Dentistry can correct and reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile,” by relaxing the muscles that elevate the upper lip to promote a fuller, more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile and reduced appearance of the gums.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Dermal fillers and cosmetic injections at Exquisite Dentistry can rejuvenate the skin, reducing the appearance of aging across the face, including smile lines, fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment with dermal fillers is safe and effective, taking just minutes to achieve lasting results for a renewed, youthful smile. 

Bruxism and TMJ Symptoms 

Carefully placed facial injections allow our team to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ disorder. At Exquisite Dentistry, our injections can help relax the jaw muscles to reduce tension in the jaw and minimize clenching and teeth grinding (known as bruxism). Injections have proved to be an effective solution for patients, helping protect teeth from further damage and uneven wear.

For some patients, TMJ-targeted injections can also improve the appearance of a wide or squared jaw by promoting a v-shaped jawline, if desired! 

How Does Treatment with Esthetic Injections Work? 

Exquisite Dentistry partners with the trained providers at Access Aesthetics to provide injections in a clean, hygienic, comfortable setting. The injection process begins with a comprehensive consultation, that allows our team to get to know you, your treatment goals, and your health history.

Our team will ensure you're an ideal candidate for treatment with esthetic injections, then develop your customized treatment plan according to your goals. You'll receive a complete explanation of the process, along with everything you need to feel comfortable and prepared for your treatment!

Your injections will be administered with precision to ensure optimal placement, minimal discomfort, and the best results for you! After your treatment is complete, your Exquisite Dentistry team will offer all the post-procedure instructions you'll need to comfortably recover and maintain your results. And, whenever you're ready for a touch-up, our Melrose dental team will be ready to schedule it for you!  

Learn More About the Benefits of Facial Injections and Fillers 

Our team is proud to offer esthetic injection treatments, dermal fillers, and TMJ solutions from top, trusted brands. Our treatments are designed to meet your goals for restoring your best, most confident smile, a youthful, balanced appearance, or a reduction in TMJ pain. To experience the benefits for yourself, contact us today to schedule your next treatment! 

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